Online Quiz Competition Salut FraNCE

Salut France is a French Quiz Competition based on French Culture and Civilization.

It takes place at 3 levels – School Level, State Level, and National Level. The participants have to pay a minimal registration fee and access the opportunity to learn about the French culture and be eligible for a number of cash prizes.

Learn the french culture Fête de la Culture

Fête de la Culture is a way of embracing the French culture and civilization through French Week Celebrations in schools across India

Students are able to show their creativity and learn about French culture via different competitions like French cuisine, fashion show, extempore, and many more.

Initiative L'atelier Français


A number of schools in India don’t have the French language as a subject/hobby even now. We aim to join maximum people with us and promote French as a hobby or subject for students via workshops and seminars.

We also conduct workshops on career building in languages and help students choose the right path!

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